I created this spec magazine article for an Australian CPA. The scope was to create an article with a very slight soft sell.

I chose to give a little information away as a method to build rapport. The Idea was to then collect leads and send a hard sell letter to the leads.

Here is a link to the PDF as it was originally formatted.

Wayne Mandic CPA Copywriting Article


“5 Secrets Successful Accounting Firms Used to Launch Their Businesses to New Levels”


… and how to implement them into your business to do the same!


Look around when times get tough and you’ll find accounting firms that seem to be doing everything right. Firms that have a steady stream of clients coming in the door. Owners seem to work only about half the amount of time.

What I’m about to reveal to you will catapult your business past much of your competition. Actually these five secrets lie at the core of human psychology, but sometimes they get overlooked in business when we concentrate too hard on the bottom line.

Successful firms implement these procedures into their core strategy when times get slow. Infusing these into your business will enhance your bottom line and give you the time freedom and security so many accounting firms already enjoy. Let me show you what I mean.

Being proactive instead of reactive.

Fulfill a client’s number one need from their accounting firm and be proactive rather than reactive to their business. If a business continues to run in the red, it’s expected for an accounting firm to raise a flag and question what is going on instead of looking the other way. Actively engage the businesses you work with. Businesses desire accounting firms that are more of a trusted advisor rather than just a bookkeeper.

Ask more questions and be more involved.

Owners desire accounting firms that ask questions and get more involved in their business. Not only ask questions, but ask the tough questions that can push a business to the next level. This ultimately leads to a greater amount of rapport with the business and makes the sale of additional services easier down the road.

Listen to the client.

Top salespeople listen to what clients say. The more you listen to your clients needs and solve their problems, the more your bottom line will increase. Take off that salesman’s hat, put the hearing aid in, and be your client’s friend and trusted advisor. The sales will come naturally and they will appreciate your focus on their problems.

Give good honest feedback.

Businesses continually look for people who will give good quality feedback. When you see something wrong,  point it out. Give your client good honest feedback they can use. Sometimes it will not be what they want to hear but if it helps their business they will thank you in the end.

Don’t make them feel connected to your bottom line.

Be a friend a friend and trusted advisor. Don’t make them look for a bill every time they pick up the phone for a little advice. Boundaries need to be set but reciprocity will prevail. Giving a little of your time now will create an emotional obligation to buy from you down the road.

All of these changes sound simple enough, but they may not be as easy to implement as one might think. Resources often run thin. Don’t follow the first knee jerk reaction to cut the practices that don’t directly bring money in the door. These core principles will build rapport and open the door to delivering an entirely new range of products that can be sold and explode your bottom line.

Partnering with an experienced service provider.

Use the easiest and most cost efficient way to begin implementing these changes into your firm by partnering with someone who has years of experience. Great partnerships can leverage each others strengths and create better value to the client than they ever could on their own, creating an unparalleled synergy. Partner with a company that has tremendous experience providing packaged services accounting firms can resell. But, also pick a company with strong roots in the accounting field to provide the support accountants need. Nexify can bridge that gap and be the ideal partner to propel you business to the next level.

Nexify’s former clients speak out.

Bruno Staltari of Aerostone & LAS Contracting was ecstatic about the services Wayne brought to their company … “Yea, working with Wayne has been excellent! He’s been very easy to work to… very methodical…basically doesn’t let you get away with very much … which is exactly what we need … and always contactable if we need advise or we need a new direction.”

Bruno is not the only business owner happy to sing praises of Wayne’s work. Mark Newton of Traneng Design and Construction expresses, “I would highly recommend Wayne. His breath of experience has brought a lot to my understanding of what I need to do to develop my business… and I think he would help any business with a similar nature.”

Partnering with a reputable firm like Nexify and making these few simple changes will put your business on the path to the prosperity you see other accounting firms enjoy. Don’t let another day go by without making a change.

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