Uncovered … One Simple Idea That Holds Businesses Back and Launched Apple to Be a Billion-dollar Company!

Your entire business needs to start with a WHY.

To build an everlasting business … one that will survive ups and downs in the economy, you need to build a community around your WHY.

This WHY is your mission. Why do you open the doors to your business every day? Why do you certain materials in your products? Why do you design your products differently than others?Why do you provide your service different from other service?

If your answer to any one of the above is for the money … customers will not follow you or your business for your desire of money. Unless, of course, your business is to show or help your customers make money.

People want to follow other people and businesses that have a purpose similar to their own beliefs. Businesses without a WHY … without a purpose … will create products that people will be disconnected from. Customers wrongly by based on price or maybe a couple of features.

Selling on Price.

Once the market catches up to that original business. It will simply be a price war to the bottom.

Price wars are stressful and not a good way to do business.

That’s why I want to help people find their WHY.

If your entire business is based around the product and a product feature fails to inspire or an upgrade that doesn’t work properly, customers will drop like flies.

Having that core believe system means you can build and sell anything. As long as it matches your core belief.

My goal … my mission is to help people find that core belief and then a write a sales message that conveys that belief to customers.

I believe everybody has a WHY. I think sometimes in business it gets covered up and diluted through all the media and the day-to-day stuff that goes on in business.

But at the end of the day everybody has a core WHY to their life and their business.

Let’s look at some examples of WHY.

Apple’s WHY.

Apple computers Steve Jobs had a strong WHY. He wanted to build great products that were innovative, easy-to-use, and would change the world. When he was thrown out of his company and the focus of Apple swung two more profit than WHY … the company tanked.

Steve Jobs came back and re-created the company with his own belief. Created a tribe of loyal followers. Then built the company back up into one of the largest companies in the world.

Doing this mainly through his core mission.

Apple has built such an incredibly strong following of them and their products. Other manufacturers can and have come out with better products which really can’t compete with the iPad, the iPhone, or Mac computers.

Other companies like Compaq, Dell, and Hewlett-Packard have either coming gone or failed to create the iconic business Apple has.

The fact is that companies with probably far better products will wither away and die while Apple will always live strong because of that WHY Steve Jobs infused into the Apple culture.

Starbucks WHY.

Let’s look at another company. Starbucks coffee started out being a coffee shop purchased by Howard Schultz.

Through his beliefs … his why he created a global coffee organization.

Schultz left the company and the company started to slide. Schultz was then brought back to revive it. Shultz had a vision that he built from when he bought that first coffeehouse.

Once he brought that belief system back the company flourished.

Your WHY.

If you want to get started on finding your WHY to build your business into the icon of its industry then contact me now.

I will help you find your WHY, and create a strong a sales message for your brand that people can align themselves with.

Even if you’ve had a business that has been around for years and you don’t have a WHY, it is never to late to get started building your iconic brand.

Let your business be the next Apple, Starbucks, or Nike.

With a powerful WHY; you will

  • Create a business employees will connect with and take pride in belonging to.
  • Have customers that will stand by you even through the toughest storm.
  • Enjoy working in your business because it embodies everything you believe.

That is why creating a belief system and creating a tribe of loyal consistent customers is so powerful.

If you want to contact me to start finding your why by phone … my number is 608-561-8691.

If you like to send me an email it is kevinkatzenberg@gmail.com.

Thank You,

Kevin Katzenberg