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Cool advertising idea for Toppers Pizza.

Facebook Posts to Get You Noticed!


Here are some creative Facebook post I’ve been doing lately for a car lot and a restaurant. To get things noticed in the ad blasted world … Sometimes you just need to push really hard.

Everyday I keep pushing  little further and further till I get some push back.

Tell me what you think.




Since receiving great comments on Sue’s banana cream pie. I’d like to share with those that have not experienced it exactly what it’s like.

First… To behold the beauty… You stock the table… Taking it in at every angle.

Then the first bite!

An explosion in your mouth makes your eyes pop wide.

You tear into the next… Your heart starts to race… you quicken the pace.

Another and another!Bite after bite… You break out into a sweat… Never stopping to savor… You ravage the next… mouthful after mouthful!The hair stands on the back of your neck!Last piece on your fork… You slide it into your mouth as your eyes roll to the back of your head.You collapse on the plate… Your body quakes with aftershocks… Lips quiver… a tear runs down your cheek.Can’t get enough of the banana cream pie!But not tonight… The doors are bolted tight.Wait till I tell you about the steak!

Ok here’s another one.


 Ok … How did everyone like that Prime Rib yesterday?Prepare yourself today for a feast of specials that will leave you absolutely speechless.

We have scrumptious mock chicken legs with mashed potatoes slathered with gravy.

And … If you missed it last night … Diamond has a little of that Prime Rib left over. So good … It will make your eyes roll to the back of your head and scream in ecstasy.

If you see Diamond … Shake his hand … Or give him a kiss and tell him how much you enjoyed your dinner!

Bon appetite!

And another… for a car lot this time.

Ok …

Let’s pick up where we left off yesterday.

Do you have that perfect car in mind?

You slide into the seat and it fits you like a glove … Sun beating on your face on a beautiful summer day.

Maybe the window cracked just a bit to take the edge off the rays.

Glide down the road as if you’re in command of everything! You left the pressures of the outside world when you close the door.

It is just you and the ride.Can you feel it?You deserve that feeling!You deserve that car of your dreams!

I can help package up that perfect feeling … on that perfect drive … in that perfect car you desire.

Come on down with a Car lot.

I have all the time in the world to fulfill you dreams of the drive.


One last one for the road.


Ok, let’s do something new today.

Instead of searching through car listings looking for the car that’ll work for you.

Let’s do this.

You give me a call and tell me about your dream car.

The car you want to be seen in … the car you want to drive.

As we’re talking picture yourself in the car.Let yourself get excited … that’s okay.Let me know exactly what you want and I want to go get it for you!You can be driving that car your dreams by the end of the day today.

Just give me a call I want to make it happen for you!

Thanks for stopping by,