This is another spec ad I created for Nexify and Wayne Mandic. This ad was never fully completed or sent. I believed I was going in the wrong direction, but I thought the headline was pretty good … that’s why I decided to publish it here.

Here is the original PDF form that I created with all the original formatting.


Kevin Katzenberg / Wayne Mandic spec ad

Kevin Katzenberg


Spec ad

CPA Uncovers Corporate Secrets That Can Increase Any Accounting Firms Revenue and Free Up Time Away From the Office

Who is Wayne Mandic and Nexify?

Wayne Mandic is a certified CPA that spent most of his years as a corporate consultant working within consulting firms. While working inside  these large corporations he realized something astonishing. What he uncovered was a slew of principles and practices which were being used by large corporations to increase their bottom line and make their businesses tremendously more efficient. Many of these core principles were the very reasons why these large corporations became so big and many of which ran so efficiently.

He began to realize that many of these principles were not available to just anyone in business and most small to medium-sized businesses without ample resources would never even know they exist.

Wayne soon left the corporate world to start his own consulting firm, Nexify, with a goal to help small to medium-sized business by infusing these secrets into their daily business practices.

Recently, Wayne again shocked the consulting world by packaging up these ideas in a way to partner with accounting firms to resell to their customers. Not only would accounting firms reap the benefit of working with Wayne and his vast business consulting knowledge, but could resell his packages as a way to increase their bottom line. Inevitably accounting firms would not only enjoy the increase in revenue, but gain time freedom from their business by instilling some of Wayne’s practices into their own firms.

What can Wayne do for any Accounting Firm?

Wayne has figured ways to package these secrets in a way to give the average accounting firms more services to sell. These strategies have been packaged into some core services that accounting firms can resell to their clients. Core strategies like… tax compliance… basic business advisory…consulting and coaching… risk management…and wealth creation are all services that businesses need and can be sold through accounting firms. This not only becomes a way to bring in more revenue for the accounting firm, but builds trust and rapport by framing the firm as the general business advisor, not just  the general accounting firm.

Wayne’s former clients speak out.

Bruno Staltari of Aerostone & LAS Contracting was emphatic about the services Wayne brought to their company… “Yea, working with Wayne has been excellent! He’s been very easy to work to… very methodical…basically doesn’t let you get away with very much… which is exactly what we need… and always contactable if we need advise or we need a new direction.”

Bruno is not the only business owner happy to sing praises of Wayne’s work. Mark Newton of Traneng