I finally got my opus off my hard drive. It’s my first book out and published in the world. What a relief. It came to life in November 2012 on a weekend whim. You may know how it is; you get up one morning with a burst of energy to clean the garage. Then by noon, with everything sitting in the driveway, you decide it may not have been the right decision.

Well, I tore into this thing with a gusto unimaginable to any mortal. Then by the third week I began loosing momentum. I kept wanting to add some more, or my thinking on a certain topic changed a little, so I rewrote entire chapters.

Then it got to the point where it just sat there and stared at me from the corner of my screen. I felt a little like an abusive parent, not letting it outside to play.

Fast forward one year from the start, I got up one Saturday and told my self I would not sleep until I finished it.

Here’s the cover.

It can be found at Amazon here:Dirt Track Racings Best Kept Secrets: What the Pros Know But Won’t Tell the Average Racer


Kevin Katzenberg Book Cover