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Doing customer interviews to create case studies can be a powerful marketing tool.

Real world (not fictitious) Examples of Small Business Marketing

A large part of copywriting is understanding and applying marketing principles into the campaigns. Copywriting is labeled as sales in print. So, being able to build and entire marketing campaign or system goes hand in hand with copy writing.

A writer needs to recognize pitfalls in the marketing system which could affect the return on the ad. Let me give you a brief example. If a writer is contracted to write a direct mail letter and the conversion is low there could be factors beyond his control that are effecting that.

Maybe it is the list that is getting mailed. The list maybe not a match to the product that is getting advertised. In professional mail houses, this I doubt would be the case because they have entire departments and people dedicated to just analyzing mailing lists and making sure they match their ideal customer. What I’m mainly referring to are the smaller business that aren’t as experienced in list creation and selection; medium-sized businesses who use a mailing to market their product or service outside of the marketing.

Below I listed some links to some marketing case studies I’ve worked on with some local businesses. I will be updating these as new ideas are tried and the results that they brought in.