What does EBay have to do with Alligators, hot dogs, and cheese burgers?

Ebay has always had a special place in my heart. I first started using Ebay around about 2000. I had a bunch of used stuff lying around and needed to get rid of it.

It was perfect. It was like a rummage sale which never ended and I could sell stuff all over the country and even all over the world. (Who would think someone from Japan would want an envelope stuffed with useless American bumper stickers.)

Anyway, look at how this site has expanded since the early days. It went from me cleaning out my closet to full-blown E-commerce. EBay has become a full-time living for many people.

The competition for eyeballs is fierce. Just trying to stand out and be unique enough to get some attention can be challenging.

I heard about some people doing some creative stuff with their product descriptions. Some of them were so hilarious I was almost in tears.

But, what I noticed in almost all of them is that they weaved a story into their description to make it more interesting and help the reader connect with their offering.

So once again I opened up that closet and dragged some stuff out to put on EBay. Below are some of the descriptions I played around with.

Happy reading.


This is the first EBay copywritng project.


Check this one out!

This is the #12 Ryan Newman Alltel NASCAR die-cast car. It’s 1/24th scale and it’s never been out of the box.

Not to special … but I do have a little story to along with this thing.

Back in 2008 I was in Florida for Speed Weeks working on a car we built for a guy named Dan Schlieper. We were on our third week in Florida at the Alltel Nationals at Volusia Speedway.

Living out of a race hauler and eating pit food is not the most ideal conditions. So, when the opportunity arose to eat some really good food from an Alltel VIP area, we jumped at the chance.

Of course we needed to seem like avid race fans … not just starving racers. So, after plowing though the buffet like wild savages … we decided to collect some of the freebies they were giving away also.

This is where this car came from. Another crew member got it and gave it to me because he didn’t want it anymore.

I think I got a keychain or something too cool like that.

This is the year I also got to meet Randy LaJoie. (see picture enclosed) He came over to inspect the car we built for safety and we struck a conversation. A crew member took the picture. (the same guy who gave me the die cast)

Randy’s not racing royalty, but he’s a heck of a nice guy and a pretty good racer too.

Anyhoo … Happy bidding

P.S. By the way this was the year I had my first Alligator experience. There was one perched for three days about thirty feet outside our pit area. Other dirt racers, as sophisticated as they are, took turns feeding or throwing food its direction. I never realized an alligators culinary diet consisted of cheese burgers and hot dogs.

Here’s another Ebay description I had fun with.


Here we go.

This is a Grant King sprint car model signed by Grant King himself.

And … of course … there is a story about how I got the autograph.

If anyone doesn’t know Grant King was an iconic sprint car builder back in the sixties and seventies. Long before Eagle, Maxim, Gambler or even Nance.

The AMT toy company released a model of a sprint car and it was molded after one of Grant Kings cars.

This model, if I’m not mistaken, was rereleased in the nineties. This is one of the rereleased versions.

Anyway …

I worked at a company back in the nineties which assembled cranes and cement mixers. At the time Grant King had moved from building sprint cars to building parts for cranes.

Around Christmas time in 95′ all of us employees were invited to a Christmas party for the crane company we assembled cranes for.

Grant King traveled up from Indiana to attend the party also.

Imagine my amazement when I see him sitting a couple tables over from me. After way too many drinks my boss took me over an introduced me.

He was cool … he shook my hand and said hello. I think he was just praying I wouldn’t throw up on him being that I was young …. drunk … and way too inexperienced with alcohol to hold it down all the time.

I told him I had a model of one of his cars at home. He said he would be in town for a couple more days and if I would get it to him he would sign it.

Well … I brought it to work the next day and my boss took it to him to get it signed.

I heard he passed several years ago. I selling off my racing collectables and I don’t need it anymore. I have the memory of meeting him.

This is unopened and still in the plastic. The autograph is on the cellophane on the face of the box.

Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs. I prefer to ship USPS Priority Mail. Although … I’m not too picky. As long as the shipping costs are covered I’ll ship however you would like.

Happy bidding.