Here is a spec ad I created for a peer-to-peer local business network. I saw the ad in a local business newspaper and saw an opportunity to make it much better.

Here is the original ad as it appeared in the news paper:

Kevin Katzenberg / Executive Agenda Spec Ad

The Original Executive Agenda Ad


Here is a pdf version of the ad I created:


Executive Agenda Spec Ad


Kevin Katzenberg

Executive Agenda

Spec Ad

Attention Wisconsin Senior Level Executives:

If You Want to Accelerate Your Career and Relieve Stress From Your Life Then We May Hold the Only Solution For You!

Reflect back to your dreams when you were back in college. You saw yourself enjoying life in a high level executive position.

But, things seem very different now that you have obtained your goal. The stress is incredible and even though the office is filled with people … you feel alone.

You want to push your career to the next level. But, you have hit a roadblock and no one is there to help you get past it.

With all of these day-to-day pressures, it is hard to focus or even properly evaluate certain situations with clear thought.

It even follows you home. Family life is stressed and the job you have always dreamed about lays heavy on your mind. It is not your fault society has created the situation you are in. The pressures put on high level executive positions can seem insurmountable.

But, there is a community for you to help solve all these problems. Executive Agenda is a community of executives just like yourself assembled to give each other stability or advise when they need it most. You will no longer need to journey down your career path feeling all alone.

What can you expect from Executive Agenda?

  •  A place to learn from executives like yourself. Others may have pulled themselves out of a situation you are currently facing and can give advise on a possible direction to go.
  • A place where you can leave the stress of the office behind and enjoy life with people like you. People with similar ideals and standards in business and in life.
  • Executive Agenda can spur completely new concepts to propel your career to a new level. Listening to stories may spark a new idea you can inject directly into your situation.

Executive Agenda boasts a membership of some of Wisconsin’s 500 top executives from a wide range of fields … all assembled to provide support and understanding about what it takes to be at the top-level in business.

Please be our guest for a relaxing introductory breakfast.

  • Thursday, September 13- Country Inn and Suits Hotel, Brookfield
  • Tuesday, September 18- Radisson Hotel Mayfair, Wauwatosa


Seating is very limited … You must act now. To Reserve a place; call:

 Executive Agenda toll-free at 877-694-7698 or 262-821-3600.

Email us at