A Sample email I did for a company selling high-end presentation software to schools.  This is used to reenergize their list which haven’t been contacted in a while. I took a totally different approach than the company was currently using. They tried to ‘wow’ people on features and I tried to do more with benefits. What is the end result for the customer.

School Tech Email

Subject line: School Transforms Through Revolutionary System!

If you would like to boost student engagement, propel your school to the top in it’s class, and relieve stress on faculty and staff, then we have something you need to listen to.

We have created a break through technology we call the A1-SYS.

This is a powerful teaching system which consists of hardware, software and professional implementation designed to transform learning environments throughout the world.

The system does this by:

• Creating a better learning environment by engaging students through ! interactivity in multi media presentations

• Reducing stress on teachers by giving them cutting edge tools to easily ! create lesson plans which better connect with their students.

• Allowing your teachers to reach more students through e-learning and u-learning platforms.

• Better preparing your students for their future by exposing them to cutting ! edge technologies and how they are used in a practical sense.

We consider our program more of a partnership since we spend so much time with institutions when implementing our system.

We want to see our technology transform our partnering schools.

But first, we need to learn all about your institution before we can custom tailor a program for you.

Call us at +61 2 9437 1001 and one of our representatives will be there to listen and help you begin your journey toward better education.