I did a Craigslist ad for fixing non converting … bad websites.

The truth is,  the biggest secret to fixing a website is the content and the copywriting. You can have the flashiest, glitziest, most glamorous website on the web … if the copy is not good and it doesn’t charge the customer … it won’t convert.

This is the second edition … the first one I did wasn’t really that hot.

This one seems to work pretty good. I’ll share more once I get more data.



Sick and Tired of That Costly Website Not Living up to It’s Hype?


Dear frustrated website owner,

Has someone sold you a website claiming that it will get you all the customers in the world but actually just ended up being a real burden on your wallet.

You know … some slick salesman in a plaid suit came in his sold you something that was supposed to revolutionize your business.

But, that Big Bang turned out to be little more than just a pop.

Well … my friend … I have a solution for you.

My name is Kevin Katzenberg and I am a guy with a knack for fixing useless websites to get them doing what they actually should.

My title would be considered copywriter or marketing consultant … but that really doesn’t matter. The point is really …

Getting you more customers!

If the basic structure of a website is sound, it will probably need some minor tweaks to really get that thing cranking like it should.

Once in a while I will have to trash the old one and get something new up there because it was really unfixable … But that doesn’t happen too often.

Most of the time I’ll just get in there make some changes and get that thing producing.

I helped these guys out with their websites in the past and they seemed pretty happy about it.


“After struggling to make our old website work, Kevin came in … Introduced us to a new platform … And showed us how to use our Internet presence as a sales tool rather than a brochure.”

Brian Mattson

Behling Racing Equipment


“The marketing advice Kevin gave me was right on target. Our sales had fallen a little flat and I always blamed it on the economy. He showed me ways I can get the business energized … Even while being in the recession.”

Turk Letizia

Diamond Jim’s Auto Sales


Just give me a call at 262-409-3460 or drop me a simple email at the above return link … with a description of your problem and a link to your website.

I’ll get back to you with some ideas how we can get the dust blown off that thing and get it really working for you.



P.S. Want to find out more about who I am and what I’m about before we get working on your project … go to my website at http://www.kevinkatzenberg.com.