Business or Product Repositioning

Do you feel you’re getting lost in the vast ocean of your market?

Look at all the competition out there nowadays. Businesses are struggling for eyeballs and attention.


Sometimes the best way to solve the problem is to reposition your branding come at the market at a different angle. Repositioning is simply making your business look differently to the consumer. Taking a different mindset approach to your customer.

For instance I was on forum the other day and somebody posted a repositioning of a carpet cleaning service. Instead of being considered a carpet cleaner they re-positioned him into being a dust mite extractor. Targeting more of the health and safety aspect of carpet cleaning.

It was actually pretty cool. The carpet cleaner had a postcard that basically said ‘carpet cleaning’. Someone sorting this over their garbage can would either say ‘yeah’ I do want carpet cleaning or no don’t need it and toss it away.

That poor carpet cleaner had a 50-50 shot of that thing getting read. Not to mention all the other competition of people sending postcards out claiming the same thing.

So the repositioning went like this.

One Example of Repositioning

They wrote the postcard to show how dust mites can affect allergies. The only way to get rid of them was to have this carpet cleaner come in and extract them.

He became known in his niche as a dust mite removal expert. Not just the average carpet cleaner.

Other Examples of Repositioning

Let me give you some possible examples of repositioning for other businesses. This can be done for almost any business and these examples are just something I came up with off the top of my head.

  •  A simple house painter could become an exterior home weathering expert. Just reposition yourself as an expert in protecting the exterior of your house from all elements. Talk about the harmful effect of the elements on the exterior of the house and what you need to do to protect it. Talk about how caulking around the window frames and door frames can protect your house from the elements. Get knowledgeable in the environmental aspects of exterior painting and materials. Going Green and environmental impacting is a big market. Positioning yourself as an expert in the environmental impact by still being a house painter can open up the whole move field for your business.


  • What about repositioning a dry cleaning business. A dry cleaner could reposition themselves as a formal-wear cleaning expert. By expanding the message in their marketing to be an expert on cleaning wedding dresses, custom high-end tailored suits and high-end formal-wear. Show your market your knowledge on different fabrics different weaves and how to clean and care for them. People who spend a lot of money on higher end formal wear clothing are looking for knowledgeable experts to cleaning care for them. In a busier metropolitan area just cornering the market on wedding dress cleaning and care would bring them an incredible revenue stream.


  • Here’s an interesting one. How about repositioning an auto repair facility as your auto safety experts. Automobile safety and maintenance is becoming a much bigger issue. Repositioning your auto repair facility from just car repairs to maintenance inspections and safety inspections and re-guarding yourself as a safety expert facility could easily set their business apart from the average repair facility. I live in a fairly large metropolitan area and I have never seen anybody actually specialize in vehicle safety inspections or vehicle safety knowledge. Many auto shops talk briefly about it in their advertising but nobody steps away and actually becomes the market leader.


  • Okay last one. How about repositioning an accountant into a life asset protection expert. Most accounting firms have a fair amount of knowledge on life financial planning and investments. Simple repositioning of your identity could turn you in to the life asset protection person in your area. After the recent economic recession people are looking for protection of their assets. Repositioning your accounting business as an asset protraction service could bring you an increase in business that would not normally use an accounting service.

The Flip Side to Repositioning

Now there is a flip side to repositioning. It’s not all rosy pluses. What if you do a repositioning without fully doing some research? You could reposition yourself into a niche market where there is no business to be had. Make sure when go about standing apart from your competition that you’re not stepping into a dead or inactive market. Or even worse a market which is in decline and when your fully repositioned and your marketing dollars are invested, the bottom drops out and leaves you hanging.

Raising Your Perceived Value

Here’s another benefit to repositioning. Raising the perceived value of your services so you can raise your prices for the same work or product from the other market.

I have seen this personally with a racing engine builder. They build basically the same motor for two different markets. The price difference between the two markets can be as much as ten to fifteen thousand dollars per engine just by repositioning their brand to fit the second market. The good thing about their repositioning as the can still walk between the two markets.

Repositioning is just one use of a good copywriter. If your copywriter is claiming he or she can get you great numbers without even really looking at your position in the market, I can get you better numbers because I will look at you competition and your position in the market.

I see way to many copywriter claiming numbers, like there’s magic in their keyboard. It’s almost become cliché. I can give you fundamental marketing practices, tried and tested,  basic selling practices, used in your business to bring in customers.

I’d like to look at your business. If you go to my contact page and fill out the form, I’ll take a look and give you a couple ideas that may help your online presence.

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