Attention Business Owner:

 “Best Kept Advertising Secret Can Bring  You a Flood of Customers and Easily Create the Business You’ve Always Dreamed!”


And knowing this little secret will separate you from your competition when times get tough.

My name is Kevin Katzenberg and I’m a freelance advertising writer from the Milwaukee area.

I drive up and down our streets everyday a watch different businesses close their doors permanently because of this recession.

Yet … when you stop and take a good look around some are really thriving.

Why is that?

After digging into it , I found a good portion of it was the way they were going about their advertising.

Not just their advertising, but they were using a secret in their advertising that was turning browsers to customers and customers into raving fans.

 So, what is the secret.

Let me tell you a little story about how advertising is generally sold to small to medium-sized businesses and why too much of it doesn’t produce results.

Let’s say Bob owns a local plumbing business. He’s busy managing his plumbing business (directing work flow, managing employees, general supervising on jobs) and he really doesn’t concentrate on marketing because up to this point it’s been easy.

He gets most of his customers by either word of mouth or by walk-ins from calling the number on the side of his van. Maybe he will get an occasional call from his phone book ad.

One day an advertising salesperson stops in to his shop and pitches him on the latest and greatest advertising medium.

It’s guaranteed to get results!

Look at these numbers!

Business has slowed down lately, so Bob decides to take the salesperson up on his proposal. But, Bob doesn’t have any sort of ad he can run.

The salesperson says ‘No problem!’… he has several designers he regularly works with that will really make his ad “POP”.

Well, long story short… Bob’s ad doesn’t return anything!

Zip… Nada… Zilch

 So what was the problem? 

The problem, like most of the advertising run today, is the message … not the medium. The ad was created by a designer that knew nothing about selling.

The secret is that great ads are written by salespeople that learned how to write … not designers … not creative writers. Great ads are written by direct response copywriters.

Great copy is the secret to making ads that work.

Copywriters that use time-tested sales techniques that data back as far as Aristotle to create ads that address the customers wants and needs and get them to buy. Great advertisements empathize with the customer and sell them a product that shows them a list of benefits that will quench their burning desire.

You will notice many of the techniques used in direct response copywriting used in some more traditional ads, but they often fall short because they leave out some very critical elements.

Direct response style copywriting engages the reader and ‘hits’ their emotional hot buttons to stimulate them into taking some sort of action.

Call for a quote … talk to a representative … place an order … join our mailing list.

Results for direct response advertisements can vary, but most see a substantial increase over their traditional advertising. Many see double or even triple the amount of responses than they did with their traditional ads.


So… What’s in this for you?

Did I mention that once you have a powerful advertising system in place, you can use the time you used to spend on getting customers to expand your business …  optimize other facets … or, take a little time off to enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Here is what I will do for you.


  •  Customized Website Content. Most website content is not optimized to get found in search engines or to convert those browsers to buyers. The quality copywriting I will provide you is optimized to both. I will also show you how to track responses to your website pages and find out what people going there are really thinking.
  • Custom Tailored Email Packages. If you have an email list you would like to market to, I can set up a sequence of emails that will sell to your list. There is a particular way and format that needs to be used to get the best conversion possible. There is also a sequence to be followed when sending your sales message through email. Having everything right can be a big difference in your email campaign.
  • Build a Mailing List. If you don’t have a mailing list, I have a proven strategy to get one built. I can set up the entire system for you to relieve you of the time and headaches involved in it. Or, if you want to save a little money and have one of your staff members set it up, I will just over see the project so everything is in place. A letter or squeeze page will need to be created and that will be my largest contribution to the project.
  • Direct mail package or postcard. The internet is not the only medium I work in. Classic mailers through the US Mail still work really well because the internet has gotten so popular. Many people neglect this marketing media so it makes your mailers really get noticed. Depending on your budget, I can fulfill any part of this project … from writing the package or postcard … to getting it printed … to mailing to your list.
  • Magazine or Newspaper Ads. Does you product fit better with magazine or newspaper ads? I can create ads that will make your product or service stand away from your competition and get people calling you instead of them. I will also help you create a system of tracking so you can run the same ad in different papers to see which one works better. This will give you valuable information for the next time you choose to run ads. You can budget for the best return.
  • Press Releases. Press Releases can be a powerful marketing tool online as well as off. Writing them correctly can be the difference between getting traffic and getting them picked up and run in other media sources. I can handle any aspect of the project from the writing to the distribution.
  • Catalog Descriptions. If you are creating a new catalog for your business, product descriptions can be written to make those products even more attractive to the buyers.


Here is the next step.

Projects take time to research and write. So, they need to be scheduled and enough time allowed to complete the project. There is only so many slots available. To guarantee getting your project completed and running you will need to call right now and get scheduled as soon as possible.

Give me a call at 608-561-8691 or drop me an email by responding to this ad to set up a time we can talk about your business. This will be just an informal chat to see if we are a fit and will both work well together. I look forward to hearing from you.


Thank You,

Kevin Katzenberg


P.S. Remember… I only have so many slot available to work with clients right now, so you need to call now to secure a spot. 608-561-8691.