Recently I began an email campaign for a restaurant. I was told by many that nobody wants to read email anymore. They said it was all about design and quick punchy sound bites as text. People said your audience doesn’t have the attention span to sit and red the traditional email.

After a couple of weeks of ever increasing open rates and shares, along with some people coming in the restaurant and talking about the email they received, I think my campaign is turning out to be a pretty good success.

Here are a couple of the emails.

What is Food … to You?

A Good Meal is Nourishment … Entertainment … a Gathering of Friends.

I stand sometimes at the entrance of the dining area and look out across the floor.
I see the laughing smiling faces enjoying their meal.

Now, I believe food means something different for everyone.
Some eat to live and others, like my self, live to eat.

I see families laughing and telling the stories of their day. The meal becomes a family reunion of sorts. I’ve heard of studies which say families that eat at least one meal a day together have less problems and are closer than ones that never share a common table.

I see other groups  of friends unwinding after a long week of work; drinking … laughing … and carrying on. To some, a good meal together with friends is a stress reliever; others are looking to take their minds off their problems if only just for a minute.

Other tables are lovers gazing into each others eyes as they slowly move through their meal;  distracted only briefly from the gaze of their love between bites. For them the meal can be a courtship or a simple strengthening the bond of love.

Everyone’s here for different reasons.
And, the meal means something different for everyone.
But, whatever your reason you have for joining us … we want to give you every bit the experience you expect.

In the end … the one common denominator … is the food.People sitting around a communal table just sharing.
On the menu is something to make everyone’s experience what they want it to be.

Here with your family? Maybe a fish fry or some comfort food classics. Baby Beef Liver and Bacon served with sautéed onions (so tender you can almost cut it with your fork); Blackened Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo (a healthy portion served with beautiful slices of lightly toasted bread).

Here with friends? Enjoy yourself a frosty cold beer, a bountiful full body wine while laughing and cleaning off a full plate of BBQ Ribs (so tender they drip off the bone; smothered in a decadently delicious sauce you’ll feel guilty for enjoying); Or, our Five Colossal Shrimp battered in our secret light beer batter then fried to perfection and served while still piping hot (cool it just before tasting in our homemade smooth yet tangy shrimp sauce).

Here with your love? Don’t hold back! With the love of your life you deserve one of our signature steaks. Our almost indescribably scrumptious 20oz. Bone in Ribeye paired with a perfect twice baked potato (done to utmost perfection to the temperature of your choice); An amazing cut of a 14oz New York Strip (with a side of garlic mashed or, my favorite, blue cheese potato salad); a perfect match to a perfect night with your love.

Missed our last weeks news about being voted one of the best fish fry’s in southeastern Wisconsin? You can see it here on out website:

This week on Saturday night we are host to the amazing sounds of Tommy Blood followed on March 14th by Larry Lynne Band.

Have a wonderful weekend of food, entertainment and fun with all of us at Diamond Jim’s Tower Restaurant and Bar.

A Special Sweet Treat Just For You!

Words can not explain Sue’s banana cream pie, but I’ll give it a try.

But first I really need to tell you about Us being voted one of the top 16 fish frys in southeastern Wisconsin.

WISN Channel 12 asked their Facebook fans where they go for the best fish fry.

And, they public responded. Of all the establishments offering the Milwaukee traditional fish fry, Diamond Jim’s Tower Restaurant and Bar was voted one of the sixteen best.

I believe this was the same honor bestowed on Diamond Jim when he was at the helm of the Stonebridge Inn in Hales Corners.

Diamond knows quality and will stop at nothing to bring it to his customers.

If you want to read all about our famous fish fry, you can see it on our website here:

Ok, now about the banana creme pie.

I wrote a post about Sue’s banana cream pie one time when it was a Stonebridge Inn exclusive. Now that Sue is at The Tower, you’re in for quite the treat.
I really don’t recall my first time. Something this good gets better the older you get.
When you’re young you just tear into it without stopping to savor every bit of goodness involved.

I’d like to share with those that have not experienced it exactly what it’s like.
First… To behold the beauty… You stock the table… Taking it in at every angle.

The tantalizing treat piled high with billows of whipped cream sits waiting for you with all its lustrous bliss. The fresh banana filling gently whispers your name.

You reach for your fork with greed in your eyes. The anticipation whips you into a sweating frenzy.
Then the first bite!

An explosion in your mouth makes your eyes pop wide. How can so much goodness be locked into just one bite.
You tear into the next… Your heart starts to race… you quicken the pace.
Another and another! 

Bite after bite … Never stopping to savor… You ravage the next… mouthful after mouthful!

The hair stands on the back of your neck!

Last piece on your fork… You slide it into your mouth as your eyes roll to the back of your head.
You collapse on the plate… Your body quakes with aftershocks… Lips quiver… a tear runs down your cheek.

Remnants of cream, filling, and crust decorate your face like a badge of honor.
Can’t get enough of the banana cream pie!
Wait till I tell you about the steaks!

If you’ve never read about our fish you can find it here:

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Have a wonderful weekend!


Long Lost Friends

Some friends Come and Go, Others Last Forever

I’d like to tell you a story about some friends. When you’re young you think your friends will last forever. As you grow older, reality tells you, friends really come and go.
Some of us do have friends from childhood, but many have friends that slide in and out throughout life.

Well, this story is about two kids growing up in Mexico. Good friends when they were young, but lost track of each other as their lives took different paths.

Fast forward fifteen years … 1000 miles and a full country away … these long lost friends reunite in Diamond Jim’s kitchen.

After a move to America … of all the places they could have moved … of all the places they could have worked or did work along their way; Enrique and Sergio now work side by side night after night; friends again.

Or, maybe friends just separated by a little slice of life; converging again in the kitchen of the Tower Restaurant.

They both worked for Diamond Jim for years in different kitchens.

Diamond spoke about each other by first name only, but they never put the connection together of their friendship years earlier until The Stoneridge Inn sold and Enrique came to work at The Tower.

These two food artists, friends who share a passion for food, stand side by side and turn out some of the best dishes you’ll have in Milwaukee.

Let’s take for instance our Saturday Prime Rib Special.
First, they carefully rub the that beautiful mound of fresh fleshy beef with their own special blend of spices.

They then let it rest and allow the rub to travel through the meat, infusing flavor through every inch.

Then it is slow roasted for hours until absolute perfection is achieved.

The most important part comes next.

The rest!

After it is removed from the oven, it must stand …

untouched …

not poked,  not prodded  or sliced for an exact amount of time.

Failure to do this results in a sin against that painstakingly prepared piece of meat.

I’ve heard of stories of top chefs throwing out entire Prime Ribs if this sanctuary of a process is violated.

The entire process … part art … part science … transforms a simple chunk of beef into the most tantalizing slice of heaven you’ll have the pleasure to eat.

Come join us Saturday night and experience this beautiful piece of art … Our Prime Rib Special.

If you see Diamond, Enrique, or Sergio around …
please stop them … shake their hand … and thank them for such a beautiful piece of meat.

Come see Jackie Brown and the Boys on stage Saturday night. She plays an upbeat acoustic sound of a mix of pop and country …
no cover charge!

Come see this outstanding singer / song writer before she goes national.

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