I did a Craigslist ad for fixing non converting … bad websites. The truth is,  the biggest secret to fixing a website is the content and the copywriting. You can have the flashiest, glitziest, most glamorous website on the web … if the copy is not good and it doesn’t charge the customer … it… [Continue Reading]

Simple signage / www.kevinkatzenberg.com

Recently I began an email campaign for a restaurant. I was told by many that nobody wants to read email anymore. They said it was all about design and quick punchy sound bites as text. People said your audience doesn’t have the attention span to sit and red the traditional email. After a couple of… [Continue Reading]


What does EBay have to do with Alligators, hot dogs, and cheese burgers? Ebay has always had a special place in my heart. I first started using Ebay around about 2000. I had a bunch of used stuff lying around and needed to get rid of it. It was perfect. It was like a rummage… [Continue Reading]

EBay copywriting

Facebook Posts to Get You Noticed!   Here are some creative Facebook post I’ve been doing lately for a car lot and a restaurant. To get things noticed in the ad blasted world … Sometimes you just need to push really hard. Everyday I keep pushing  little further and further till I get some push… [Continue Reading]

The Spank Tank / kevinkatzenberg.com

Give’em a good story in your copywriting and they’ll be eating out of the palm of your hand. Here are couple more ads which I wrote recently. In case you missed the first batch of ads I posted up here, here is a link to make finding them  a little easier. http://kevinkatzenberg.com/love-ebay-copywriting-descriptions/ The top one is… [Continue Reading]

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I developed this flyer copy for a remarkable new cleaner I’m marketing … Moms All Natural! Here is a link to the PDF section. Moms Flyer / www.kevinkatzenberg.com  

Moms All Natural Flyer / www.kevinkatzenberg.com

  Do you feel you’re getting lost in the vast ocean of your market? Look at all the competition out there nowadays. Businesses are struggling for eyeballs and attention. Sometimes the best way to solve the problem is to reposition your branding come at the market is a different angle. Repositioning is simply making your… [Continue Reading]


 Here is a press release I did for a motor sports venue. I received a really good response to it. Racers Unite to Salute Fallen Racing Hero at the Biggest Race of the Year! Friday… Friday… Friday August 17th. Come see the cars and stars of the WDLMA square off in a no holds barred… [Continue Reading]

Hales Corners Reunion Press Release / kevinkatzenberg.com

A Sample email I did for a company selling high-end presentation software to schools.  This is used to reenergize their list which haven’t been contacted in a while. I took a totally different approach than the company was currently using. They tried to ‘wow’ people on features and I tried to do more with benefits.… [Continue Reading]

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Five Powerful Questions You Need to Know the Answer To Before Going Any Further With Your Business   These are business makers or breakers! As you progress through your business there will be several questions you will need to ponder, but these are five essential business questions that are game makers and game breakers.  … [Continue Reading]